Update on our situation

16 Sep

We got a lot of concerned emails so I wanted to update everyone.

Matilda and I relocated to my parent’s house for a while and we got our place cleaned and patched up. We are still waiting on some repairs, but overall the situation is much better. We managed to get the house clean enough to live in.

We had the city’s department of health come in and test the dust and debris for lead. We are waiting on the results. My blood test for lead levels came back fine and so did Matilda’s. I am happy to report that I can now sleep in my bed and sit on my sofa without coughing, or burning eyes.

We are making progress on relocating. We spent the last couple of weekends looking at houses in Mamaroneck, White Plains, Tuckahoe. Pablo is still pretty upset about leaving the city, but reconciled to the fact that we simply do not earn enough money to live here.



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