Moving on to other houses

9 Oct

We didn’t get the house but we went out and saw more houses this week. We narrowed our choices down to two. One of them is a boring, smallish split level in a great neighborhood and a good school district. The other, is a ranch in poor condition that is an opportunity for us to customize the space and create our perfect home. We will be making offers this week, so hope one of them comes through!

PS In pregnancy news. I somehow gained 7 lbs in one month and I failed my 1 hour sugar test. I now have to be tested for the 3 hour sugar test in case I have developed gestational diabetes. :(



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  1. Camille October 9, 2008 at 8:01 pm #

    I have spent a year and a half refusing to consider ranches and split levels, and I think I have finally accepted that that is the way we too will need to go (they’re the only “affordable” options these days)… Fact is they usually have a great floorplan.

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