Obama Wins!

5 Nov

Its hard to express how we are feeling this morning. We learned at 11pm last night (from John Stewart!) that Obama was declared the winner. We stayed up to watch McCain’s concession speech (thank god Sarah Palin was not given a chance to speak) and Obama’s inspiring acceptance speech. I think that McCain’s speech was good, and Obama’s was one of the best presidential speeches I have ever seen.

Pablo will (barring any glitches) become a US citizen next week and I think he is glad to become a citizen of a country that elected Obama by a wide margin and finally put an end to the horrible, horrible Bush years.

I am also glad to know that Matilda and our son will be growing up in a country lead by a president with intelligence and integrity. I feel 100 cliches at once. The sun is out, a new day, breaking dawn, blah blah..

To celebrate Obama’s win, send a card to Bush telling him to go home!



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  1. Janey November 5, 2008 at 2:50 pm #

    Pablo and Matilda headed to Spain today for their first father-daughter trip. According to this article, its a great time to be an American in Europe!


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