Feeling thwarted

17 Nov

My frustration level is through the roof.

On Thursday, Pablo attended his interview and exam to be naturalized as a US citizen. The process should have been simple except for the fact that they decided that they wanted a ridiculous amount of extra documentation including official IRS transcripts, letters from the IRS stating that we pay our taxes, utility bills from the last three years, a copy of our lease etc.. Basically, they want to be assured that we are married for real, and that we are not deadbeat tax evaders. We have until Jan 12 to collect all of our documents and then hopefully, he can be naturalized at that point. I didn’t go with him to the interview. Perhaps I should of. A big pregnant belly might have been more convincing than a bunch of utility bills; or at least generated some sympathy.

We are STILL waiting to close on our house. Looking back, there were two things that were really preventing us from making this go faster. The first is that the seller dawdled on producing a contract for us to sign. The second, is that the seller was unable to produce a survey of the land. We need the survey in order to get a title report. Now, we have to pay to have the land surveyed. I have no idea how long that will take, but the delay is driving me UP THE WALL. If we do not get the survey by the end of the day tomorrow, we probably will not be able to close until December. I really just want to go and curl up into a ball and sleep until they tell me that its time to sign papers.



2 Responses to “Feeling thwarted”

  1. Susan November 17, 2008 at 5:32 pm #

    Well, looking on the bright side, if it drags on a eight more days for Pabs after 1/12 then he can become a citizen of OBAMANATION! and not crappy-ass bush nation.

  2. Lily November 18, 2008 at 6:02 am #

    Obamanation!!!! WOO HOO!
    Look at it from Susan’s point of view.. and take it easy, that by definition all those bureaucratic papers are slow and are designed to test you patience and drive you insane.

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