Keeping Busy

31 Dec

In an effort to distract myself from all the waiting, Pablo and I have been keeping busy working on many projects in the last 10 days.

Today, I finished the website for my uncle’s sushi shop. As you all know, Pablo is the designer in the family, but I am not without skill. This is actually a site that I designed and coded up by myself! The url is Ko Ko Sushi. If you happen to live in or near Westchester, please go eat there!

I also coded a site for my sister, which she designed.

Over the weekend, we installed Elfa in our closet and Matilda’s closet from the Container Store. I have always dreamed about having a closet that is really organized. Check it out!
Matilda Closet

Pablo Closet

Last week, we installed a new basking platform and some fake plants for our turtle tank! Don’t they look happy!

We hung some curtains and decorations in Matilda’s room. Because she loves monkeys so much, we put monkey decals. I also hung photos of her family in Spain around her bed.
Matilda's bed

Oh and PS. Its snowing again today.



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