Seaweed Soup (Miyuk gook)

7 Jan

Koreans take post partum recovery very seriously. You are supposed to protect yourself from the cold at all costs to avoid getting arthritis. And you are supposed to eat lots and lots of seaweed soup to help produce breastmilk.

My mom made seaweed soup the day Mateo was born and brought it to the hospital. She was pretty mad when she found out that my first post-partum meal was a cheesburger! Anyway, I ate the seaweed soup afterwards. And for every meal and snack, including breakfast, since I got home.

They even do medical studies on the soup in Korea. They proved that there is more iodine in breastmilk of Korean women.

Its a good thing that I actually like seaweed soup. You are supposed to eat it for the first 100 days after giving birth. That’s a lot of seaweed! I personally don’t think it does anything breast milk wise, but its really good for starting your post-partum diet. Its high-fiber, low calorie, and very nutritious.  Since you eat it every few hours, it keeps you from getting hungry.

Here is a recipe and more info about seaweed soup.  Jocelyn, my doula, also suggested that I put some nori (which is sushi seaweed) down there, on my stitches. I presume she means the unsalted, unroasted kind.



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    Hi Janey! Congratulations on your new addition to the family and your new house!! I’ve been reading Matilda’s blog and now yours and it was a great inspiration to get my own blog going! I hope all is well and please keep in touch!

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