14 kids

30 Jan

Did you hear about that woman who just had 8 kids? Well, it turns out that she already has 6 kids at home and that she is a single mother who lives with her parents in a three bedroom house?


The eight babies were delivered by a team of 46 doctors, nurses and assistants in the space of five minutes. They were only expecting to deliver seven babies and when they started, then discovered and eighth once they got started. This story me cringe. I think its how men reflexively groan when they hear about someone having their testicles injured. In the same way, I feel physical pain thinking about 8 babies kicking me from the inside.

IMHO, whoever implanted 8 babies in this woman should lose their medical license. How do you even afford invitro if you live with your parents and have 6 kids? Furthermore, why would you pursue fertility treatments if you already have 6 kids???



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