Delusions of Gender

8 Sep

Great book review on for the new book Delusions of Gender

… egalitarian-minded parents try hard to rear their children in a non-gendered way. Then you see their children defy them. The fact is, babies are born into a world in which sex is the most important and obvious social division. It’s constantly emphasized through segregation, through dress and so forth. Babies are born to parents who have a host of assumptions and expectations about gender, whether or not they consciously endorse those expectations. Studies have shown that parents have a tendency to see boys as more boyish and girls as more girlish than they actually are.

Once the children reach the age of 2, which is the age they discover which side of this gender divide they’re on, all bets are off. Parents may prefer that girls not play with Barbies and boys not play with guns, but by that age children know what tribe they belong to, and will want to be part of it.

Its interesting how I fight gender norms harder with Matilda than I do with Mateo. Yes Matilda is into pink and princesses and Mateo plays with dolls. Go figure.

Also in gender news, in Australia, they allowed a person to declare themself non-genedered (temporarily). Check it out in Newsweek.



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