21 Jan

On Monday, we met with Matilda’s nursery school teach to discuss her progress. Let me start by saying that I don’t worry a lot about her academic progress as she is only 3 years old. But her teacher had some interesting insights in to her personality.

The teacher says that she is not very confident. When it is circle time and she asks the kids questions such as what letter is this, what number, who lives at [address], etc.. Matilda never raises her hand. When the teacher calls on her, she often just looks down instead of answering. At home, I have noticed that she often will give a silly answer if she is not sure of the right answer.

I strongly feel that her shy nature is just part of the personality that she was born with.. but the Asian mom in me hates it. I wonder what we did wrong to have an un-confident kid?

In an effort to build her confidence we are thinking of reversing our previous plan to not enroll the kids in activities until they were in Kindergarten. I am hoping that exposing her to a lot of new activities and people will make her less shy and more confident.

Got thoughts on this topic? Please comment!

PS. Here are the positive things that the teacher said. Matilda is kind to her classmates and is a good friend. She shares, smiles and greets people. And she is a great artist.



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  1. Amy January 26, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    Matilda is a terrific artist! Love her self portraits.

    On the topic of shyness, Meghan is very shy too. It takes her at least 20-30 min into a new situation to feel comfortable. Often times she clings on to us parents for her dear life even amongst her own long-time friends. This shyness persists despite Meghan having been in daycare since 2.5 months and been in many organized activities (Little Gym, swimming since she was 2 yr old, gymnastics for the last 1/2 yr and Greenburgh summer camp Rainbow last summer).

    I think partly it’s genetic as Roy was painfully shy as a child and would not speak to anyone outside of the family. Matilda is very mature and have great self-awareness. This also makes them self-conscious at an early age. I see this in Meghan and it’s normal. Now if we can only translate this self-awareness into self-confidence then we’ll be set.

    I do think more organized activity and more play dates (this was suggested by Schere and Meilyn’s at Creative Beginnings last yr) may help with shyness and build confidence. As I shudder to think what Meghan would be like without all of her “life experiences” thus far…I might have to write the shyness with “SHYNESS”.

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