31 Aug

Last night I let the kids hang out with me in the bathroom while I did some self grooming. I waxed my eyebrows, upper lip and legs and gave myself a pedicure.

Both kids found this to be fascinating, especially Matilda. She started pointing out places on her body that had hair and needed to be waxed. I explained to her that the wax was hot and she would not like it — which prompted her to ask me why I put hot wax on myself if it hurts. Oy.

A friend of mine told me about how her mother hauled her into a salon to be waxed when she was 12. When I expressed my horror at this she replied that its easy for me to be against it because I am relatively hairless. To me, hair removal is a vain and unnecessary act. To her, hair removal is an important part of grooming — like showering.

A similar debate is happening right now around the book Maggie Goes on A Diet. Its about a girl who is overweight and she goes on a diet and becomes fit and athletic. To me, the book is awful because girls have enough problems trying to keep up with the photoshopped models in magazines and advertisements. But others point out that we have a childhood obesity epidemic on our hands and that the book focuses on health and not appearance.

My final conclusion is to try to keep kids focused on how a body functions and not on how it looks — and that I should keep my waxing to myself.

PS. I am sure we can all agree that this book is a horrible piece of crap. My Beautiful Mommy – Written by a plastic surgeon to explain to kids about their mom’s cosmetic surgery.



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  1. Christine August 31, 2011 at 6:16 am #

    I agree with you Janey. Gosh, they should not have to worry about that now. And besides, those little girl hairs are just precious.

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