I am a job creator

6 Sep

We own a small business and thus I am proud to say that we have become a job creators. We took on 2 full time employees during a recession. We have a 3rd part time worker. And my husband works in the business.

I have heard both Democrats and Republicans pander to small business owners. They both speak about things that they would to do help small businesses and thus, create jobs. Here is my wishlist of policies that would help me hire new people:

  • Universal healthcare – Health insurance costs us around $700/mo per employee. Ideally, there would be a universal single-payer health care system in the USA so that I did not have to provide insurance to my employees. Since that is clearly a pipe dream, I am looking forward to health care exchanges that will allow me to purchase health care at a lower rate. Also, it would be nice if the cost of health care didn’t spike yearly.
  • Simpler taxes – I am not talking about a flat tax. I am talking fewer taxes. I would be happy to pay a higher income tax to get rid of the annoying MTA tax. Filing paperwork for such taxes costs me time and money.
  • Educated employee pool – We work in tech and there are still not a lot of Americans in our field. Most talented computer programmers that I know are not American. Our country needs to do better in teach math and sciences.
  • Reformed immigration rules – Since there aren’t enough American developers, make it easier for us to hire foreign workers.




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