4 more years

7 Nov

Obama was re-elected to a second term last night! We are so proud of the United States.

Both sides agree that Obama’s campaign was more about what he did in the last 4 years rather than what he WILL do. That leaves us all guessing.

Here is what I hope to see happen in the next 4 years!

  • Obama nominations to the supreme court. Especially if Alito and Thomas decide to retire!
  • Let the Bush tax cuts expire. I think Obama would be far better off putting together his own tax cut package that favors the middle class. Let that be the first thing on his agenda to try to get the Republicans to work with him.
  • We need to keep up the momentum/awareness of reproductive rights issues. The issue will still be fought on a state by state basis.
  • Republicans will continue to block Obama’s efforts in the House. The Senate minority is not going to be cooperative.  Obama needs to find a away around the obstacles to keep his agenda moving.
  • Lets bring the troops home. And lets close Guantanamo.
  • Lets keep moving forward with Alternative energy.
  • Lets complete the implementation of Obamacare .
  • Infrastructure — lets do something about our power utilities to begin with!
  • Continue work on bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA.

What do YOU want to see happen in the next 4 years?



One Response to “4 more years”

  1. Rosalie Puleo November 7, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    I would like to see:
    1. Candidates waste less money on sensationalistic commercials and glossy prints that will end up as landfill.
    2. More than two choices for President. A true third party candidate at least.
    3. The Republicans come into the current times and abandon the antiquated women hating and prejudice platform.
    4. A more energy efficient country from the automobile to the factory line.
    5. A strong and respected international presence- we are not target practice.
    6. An individual accountability that we are responsible to pay for ourselves and are not owed a $400 phone and a $5 cup of coffee.
    7. Marriage equality for all citizens.
    8. Higher education to prepare our up and coming by giving them true skills and professional experience instead of insurmountable student loans.
    9. A move toward a bilingual nation- we are a global economy and one language is not enough.
    10. A change in attitude toward prevention of illness (much is our own fault with smoking, obesity, and not following up on our own care) and away from the treatment of illness.

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