Born on December 25 (or why its ok for non-believers to have a seasonal tree.)

23 Dec

This post is not intended to offend Christians. Most Christians realize that Jesus was not born in December based on the fact that shepherds are not wandering about with their flocks in the middle of winter. The actual date of Christ’s birth should have no impact whatsoever on your beliefs. Neither should the below very interesting facts.

December 25 was declared to be the birthday of Jesus Christ by Pope Julius I in the 4th century. Around that time, Christians were also commanded to keep the Sabbath on Sunday (or Sun God Day). It is likely that the pope chose December 25 because is a very common birthday for a God.

  • Buddha was born on December 25
  • Krishna was born on December 25 of a virgin!
  • Mithra, also December 25. His birthday was celebrated as Sol Invictus by the Romans. It was the big holiday before it was pushed aside for Christmas.
  • Horus, born on December 25.
  • Dionysus , born on December 25th of a virgin and was placed in a manger. Also known for turning water into wine!
  • Heracles was born on December 25 to a virgin and then was sacrificed on the spring equinox.
  • Baal (Nimrod known in Egypt as Osiris) was born on December 25. He was the sun god who was reincarnated as an evergreen tree that miraculously sprung up, fully grown out the the roots of a dead tree stump. On the anniversary of his birth, his followers would put gifts(sacrifices) for him under an evergreen tree.

As a side note Christmas trees became a “thing” around 1850. When Christmas trees were introduced, Christians were actually discouraged from having trees because it was recognized as a pagan ritual. (They got over it, Jews didn’t.)

This post isn’t intended to criticize any beliefs. I just find these facts to be very interesting.

Happy Holidays!



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