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So scary

9 Sep

We are changing the name of our company from Hanee Designs to Agile Pixel Studio. Check us out. Agile Pixel

Authentic Paella

26 Jan

A bit of ranting to start.  In a restaurant, you probably have never had a “real” paella. I have tasted authentic paella in the USA exactly once. Even in Spain, in restaurants, the paella might come from a mix. That is because paella is time intensive and expensive to make. Paellas vary from place to place in […]

My own zero point soup recipe

25 Jan

My Weight Watcher’s coach recommended that I made what is known as “zero point soup” to eat when I am hungry. Or eat it between meals so that I do not get hungry. I can’t EVER follow a recipe without customizing it. So here is my version of the soup. I added a few ingredients […]

Sofa upholstery

12 Jan

I reupholstered my own sofa! Our 6 year old sofa was badly stained and the foam for the cushions became very uncomfortable. Materials: A new cushion with dacron wrap for around $100. I decided to replace the three cushions with one large cushion. Fabric. This is the most expensive part of the project. My fabric was around […]

Tip for controlling kids iTunes and App store spending

23 Dec

Paypal lets you setup debit cards for kids! They will issue your kid a paypal account and credit card number which you can use for the app store. Since its a debit card, they can’t spend past the limit. And since its paypal it is easy to transfer money from your account to theirs. The […]

Born on December 25 (or why its ok for non-believers to have a seasonal tree.)

23 Dec

This post is not intended to offend Christians. Most Christians realize that Jesus was not born in December based on the fact that shepherds are not wandering about with their flocks in the middle of winter. The actual date of Christ’s birth should have no impact whatsoever on your beliefs. Neither should the below very interesting facts. […]

Korean Americans want to see The Interview

18 Dec

I really wanted to see The Interview. When I saw the huge promo display at my local theater, I was amazed to see Korean letters displayed really tall and brightly in America. It felt like when Gangnam style was really big. Or when they spoke Korean on MASH. Koreans are suckers for seeing ourselves reflected on […]

Xbox One

3 Dec


Our family just got an Xbox One. We’ve been playing with our old Wii and dad really wanted to play some real games, specifically Call of Duty. We took advantage of a Black Friday special at the Microsoft store. We got: Xbox One with Kinect, Assassins Creed Bundle – $429.99 One free game (Call of Duty) […]

Forget dieting and nourish yourself

22 Aug


I am very irrational when it comes to my weight. I did read a few interesting things on the subject that gave me a better perspective however at In high-school, I was anorexic. In college, I was a binge eater. After college, I finally started exercising and eating well and I achieved a healthy […]

It’s impossible to cut the cord

25 Apr

2 years ago, we cancelled our cable TV. We have a Roku and Chromecast. When we watch TV (or rather, when the kids watch) we use Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime TV. We do not have a home phone number and its been bugging me. So I decided to re-activate our phone service. The price […]