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In which I learn a lot about tires

7 Apr


2 years ago we bought 2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring. We like the car, but we have a lot of issues with broken tires. I seriously thought that perhaps we are just terrible drivers. We have had to replace the tires over and over again, and we have had our rims repaired 3 times and replaced […]

Restaurant Review

4 Apr

I had a hankering to over eat so we headed to Sushi Palace on Central Ave in Yonkers. The website gave us pretty much no information about what to expect, and the Yelp reviews were really un-even so I had low expectations. The restaurant is located in a fairly ugly strip mall. We were able […]

On raising boys

1 Apr

This article in Esquire Magazine gave me a lot to think about. Titled, THE DRUGGING OF THE AMERICAN BOY, it covers how 20% of boys are diagnosed with ADHD. According to the article 2/3 of the kids diagnosed with ADHD are prescribed drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall. These drugs, interestingly, work on anyone whether […]

On raising kids to be successful

6 Jan

I recently watched a really eye-opening documentary called the Lottery of Birth. The documentary is about a lot of things but overall it is about how we know what we know, why do what we do and why we think what we think. The film made me think about how I am raising my kids. […]

Teens Need Plan B

2 May

Plan B is the brand name for emergency contraception (formerly known as the morning-after-pill). It contains hormones similar to those in birth control pills and it is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy up to 72 hours after unprotected sex (or contraceptive failure). ┬áThe cost is around $50.00. Its not technologically advanced, nor is it an […]

4 more years

7 Nov

Obama was re-elected to a second term last night! We are so proud of the United States. Both sides agree that Obama’s campaign was more about what he did in the last 4 years rather than what he WILL do. That leaves us all guessing. Here is what I hope to see happen in the […]


2 Nov

We have no power or internet after Hurricane Sandy. But in my office, I am able to connect to the internet via my T-mobile Samsung Galaxy II. Here are instructions: Go to settings Choose Wireless and Network Scroll down to find Tethering and portable hotspot Click on portable Wi-fi hotspot setting Click on the configure […]

Disaster Preparations in the Suburbs

2 Nov

After Hurricaine Katrina, Pablo and I spent a lot of time thinking about how we would deal with a disaster. We were living in Manhattan at the time and most of our plans involved getting away from the city. After moving to the suburbs, we never made any new plans. Now that we have been […]

Cost of emergency room care

15 Oct

I spent a day in the emergency room back in August. They thought I might have appendicitis so I was there for around 8 hours for observation. During this time, I had a CAT scan, blood tests, urine test and a few doctors came to examine me. They figured out that I had a kidney […]

47% of people don’t pay taxes?

18 Sep

Mitt Romney perhaps revealed his true personality in Mother Jones’s secretly taped video that was released yesterday. When I hear people talk about it, they keep saying that 47% of people don’t pay taxes. Which is false. Romney stated that 47% of people do not pay INCOME TAX. Its an important distinction. The 47% that […]