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Sofa upholstery

12 Jan

I reupholstered my own sofa! Our 6 year old sofa was badly stained and the foam for the cushions became very uncomfortable. Materials: A new cushion with dacron wrap for around $100. I decided to replace the three cushions with one large cushion. Fabric. This is the most expensive part of the project. My fabric was around […]

Disaster Preparations in the Suburbs

2 Nov

After Hurricaine Katrina, Pablo and I spent a lot of time thinking about how we would deal with a disaster. We were living in Manhattan at the time and most of our plans involved getting away from the city. After moving to the suburbs, we never made any new plans. Now that we have been […]

Kitchen / Bath refresh

28 Jun

Someday, I will do a real kitchen renovation. (And I already know who I want to hire to do it!). For now, I am working within my budget which means new paint and tile instead of the vinyl floor. Before: After: We also did a new bathroom floor and vanity and installed some new hardware. […]

Guest Room

15 Mar

My in-laws came for a visit today. They are staying for one month. I finished the guest room 30 minutes before they arrived.

Our new office setup

10 Mar

We finally finished construction on our new office space and moved our computers in. Its 2AM and we are giddy with joy. Pablo finally has two monitors (one is reserved for youtube) and I can simultaneously use my desktop and laptop. Woo!

Keeping Busy

31 Dec

In an effort to distract myself from all the waiting, Pablo and I have been keeping busy working on many projects in the last 10 days. Today, I finished the website for my uncle’s sushi shop. As you all know, Pablo is the designer in the family, but I am not without skill. This is […]

Snow Storm

21 Dec

It snowed a lot this weekend (8 or 9 inches I think). We tried to get Matilda to go out and play in the snow, but she wasn’t having it. I guess being born during a blizzard does not ensure that you like snow! Pablo on the other hand really enjoyed his first time shoveling […]

House Pictures

10 Dec

We have the house more or less setup — and a mess New sofa Back of the sofa and our new console table We painted it exactly the same color as my old bedroom and bought the same furniture. New kitchen storage from IKEA! It took HOURS to build Other view of the kitchen Dining […]

Feeling thwarted

17 Nov

My frustration level is through the roof. On Thursday, Pablo attended his interview and exam to be naturalized as a US citizen. The process should have been simple except for the fact that they decided that they wanted a ridiculous amount of extra documentation including official IRS transcripts, letters from the IRS stating that we […]


12 Nov

Yesterday, I bought a swingset for the house (that we do not yet have). I’ve been dreaming about getting this swingset for over a month now. I can’t wait for Matilda to see it!