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Update on our situation

16 Sep

We got a lot of concerned emails so I wanted to update everyone. Matilda and I relocated to my parent’s house for a while and we got our place cleaned and patched up. We are still waiting on some repairs, but overall the situation is much better. We managed to get the house clean enough […]

Housing Hell

9 Sep

I have come to officially hate New York. I know that I said this back in June, but our living situation has gotten far worse. Shortly before we left for vacation, rumors of our building going condo were confirmed. We were given a “red herring” offer to buy our place, as-is, no renovations. While we […]

Life on Hold

22 Jul

We spoke to our attorney and she recommended that we wait to see if it looks like they will finish our condo by the November. So now, I am hoping for delays because I really don’t want to have to close on that condo! As for my audit. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but […]