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Korean Americans want to see The Interview

18 Dec

I really wanted to see The Interview. When I saw the huge promo display at my local theater, I was amazed to see Korean letters displayed really tall and brightly in America. It felt like when Gangnam style was really big. Or when they spoke Korean on MASH.¬†Koreans are suckers for seeing ourselves reflected on […]

Raising a genderless child

26 May

Great article on about a Canadian couple who is keeping the sex of their newborn¬†child a secret. They would like their child to have the freedom to develop his/her own identity and not have to be concerned about whether it is conforming to gender norms. They have 2 older children (both boys) with gender […]

On Asian Parenting

10 Jan

Parents, you have to read this article about Chinese mothers in the Wall Street Journal. The piece is by a Chinese woman who, like me, grew up in the USA and has a non-Asian husband. She is raising her kids in the way I was raised. Basically, it boils down to: Focus on academics — […]

Remembering 9-11

11 Sep

9-11 is used so often by people that I do not agree with politically as a justification for hate and war. Often, the people who talk about 9-11 the most are not New Yorkers and really have no idea what it was like for us. I was working downtown, just a few blocks from the […]

Health care rant

22 Apr

This is what is wrong with healthcare in America. Matilda had a bronchial infection, so the doctor prescribed antibiotics. The particular antibiotic that she prescribed cost us $53 (with insurance). If I did not have insurance it would have cost me over $80. Is azithromycin SOOOOO much better than $4 amoxicillin? And is the doctor […]

14 kids

30 Jan

Did you hear about that woman who just had 8 kids? Well, it turns out that she already has 6 kids at home and that she is a single mother who lives with her parents in a three bedroom house? The eight babies were delivered by a team of 46 doctors, nurses and assistants […]

I heart Obama

23 Jan

He overturned the global gag rule which is a policy that denies funding to any organization that performs or counsels women about abortion — even if that money was used for other procedures such as HIV prevention or contraception. More info about that on And he is closing Gitmo. Yay!