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My garden

25 May

This is my garden one year ago And this is my garden this year! The photos are exactly one year apart. I guess the plants just needed time to put down roots!

Double stroller

21 May

We got a double stroller at a church sale. Sigh.At least it was cheap!


19 May

The best thing about having a house in gardening. I have been dreaming about having my own little patch to call my own. In April, I pulled up the grass on a small section of our front lawn and have been building a perennial garden. Perennial gardens take a long time to come along, and […]

Our new office setup

10 Mar

We finally finished construction on our new office space and moved our computers in. Its 2AM and we are giddy with joy. Pablo finally has two monitors (one is reserved for youtube) and I can simultaneously use my desktop and laptop. Woo!

Photo Comparison

16 Jan

Maybe its because I spend more time looking at them than others.. but I think Mateo and Matilda look totally different! What do you think? Here is a pic of Matilda at 20 days. And here is Mateo at 14 days.

Keeping Busy

31 Dec

In an effort to distract myself from all the waiting, Pablo and I have been keeping busy working on many projects in the last 10 days. Today, I finished the website for my uncle’s sushi shop. As you all know, Pablo is the designer in the family, but I am not without skill. This is […]

Snow Storm

21 Dec

It snowed a lot this weekend (8 or 9 inches I think). We tried to get Matilda to go out and play in the snow, but she wasn’t having it. I guess being born during a blizzard does not ensure that you like snow! Pablo on the other hand really enjoyed his first time shoveling […]

House Pictures

10 Dec

We have the house more or less setup — and a mess New sofa Back of the sofa and our new console table We painted it exactly the same color as my old bedroom and bought the same furniture. New kitchen storage from IKEA! It took HOURS to build Other view of the kitchen Dining […]

Pablo the Finisher!

3 Nov

Pablo completed the NYC Marathon yesterday on Nov 2 in 4:29:00. Matilda and I went to mile 22 to cheer him on in our TEAM AGÜERO shirts!. Here are some photos and a video. Pablo acabo la NYC Marathon ayer 2 de Noviembre en 4horas y 29 minutos you fui al kilometro 35 para darle […]