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Tip for controlling kids iTunes and App store spending

23 Dec

Paypal lets you setup debit cards for kids! They will issue your kid a paypal account and credit card number which you can use for the app store. Since its a debit card, they can’t spend past the limit. And since its paypal it is easy to transfer money from your account to theirs. The […]

Xbox One

3 Dec


Our family just got an Xbox One. We’ve been playing with our old Wii and dad really wanted to play some real games, specifically Call of Duty. We took advantage of a Black Friday special at the Microsoft store. We got: Xbox One with Kinect, Assassins Creed Bundle – $429.99 One free game (Call of Duty) […]

It’s impossible to cut the cord

25 Apr

2 years ago, we cancelled our cable TV. We have a Roku and Chromecast. When we watch TV (or rather, when the kids watch) we use Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime TV. We do not have a home phone number and its been bugging me. So I decided to re-activate our phone service. The price […]

In which I learn a lot about tires

7 Apr


2 years ago we bought 2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring. We like the car, but we have a lot of issues with broken tires. I seriously thought that perhaps we are just terrible drivers. We have had to replace the tires over and over again, and we have had our rims repaired 3 times and replaced […]

Delusions of Gender

8 Sep

Great book review on for the new book Delusions of Gender … egalitarian-minded parents try hard to rear their children in a non-gendered way. Then you see their children defy them. The fact is, babies are born into a world in which sex is the most important and obvious social division. It’s constantly emphasized […]

Tips for travelling with children to Spain

29 Aug

We just got back from 25 day trip to Spain! Matilda and Mateo had an amazing time playing with our family in Spain. Traveling with the kids was grueling. Heck, just driving to JFK is hard enough but then we had to endure an 8 hour flight to Barcelona (thank you Delta for the free […]


28 Jun

I love IKEA. You can’t beat the prices and I think their reputation for low quality goods is undeserved. Many of the items we bought at IKEA  has held up quite well in comparison to furniture that I we bought at Crate and Barrel. And the design is wonderful. Even though we can afford to […]

Out with the old and in with the new

30 May

Pablo got me a new light fixture for mother’s day! Before After Its called a Nelson Saucer Lamp. The design is by American designer George Nelsen. It was designed in in 1947 and is part of the permanent collection of the MoMA. I love the way it goes with my mid-century design chairs!

Web 2.0 for Babies

4 Mar

Web 2.0 projects make me tear up sometimes. Its kind of the same feeling I get when I imagine Matilda going to college or something like that. I blinked and the web grew up without me really noticing. It seems like just yesterday when I coded my first HTML page (ok ok, it was 15 […]


11 Dec

I am trying really hard to not go overboard for Matilda’s first Christmas. I learned from my friends that you set a standard for Christmas with your kids that you have to keep up, lest they be disappointed. So Christmas in our family will be a relatively minimalist affair. We decided to get Matilda one […]