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Authentic Paella

26 Jan

A bit of ranting to start.  In a restaurant, you probably have never had a “real” paella. I have tasted authentic paella in the USA exactly once. Even in Spain, in restaurants, the paella might come from a mix. That is because paella is time intensive and expensive to make. Paellas vary from place to place in […]

My own zero point soup recipe

25 Jan

My Weight Watcher’s coach recommended that I made what is known as “zero point soup” to eat when I am hungry. Or eat it between meals so that I do not get hungry. I can’t EVER follow a recipe without customizing it. So here is my version of the soup. I added a few ingredients […]

Savory Cake

30 Jan

I made this cake for Matilda’s birthday! Its a savory cake containing smoked salmon and other goodies. She didn’t eat it, but she enjoyed helping me decorate it. Recipe: 1 load of white sliced bread smoked salmon 4 boiled eggs sour cream cream cheese capers honey dijon mustard mayonaise carrots cucumber parsely Make stacks of […]