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So scary

9 Sep

We are changing the name of our company from Hanee Designs to Agile Pixel Studio. Check us out. Agile Pixel

Born on December 25 (or why its ok for non-believers to have a seasonal tree.)

23 Dec

This post is not intended to offend¬†Christians. Most Christians realize that Jesus was not born in December based on the fact that shepherds are not wandering about with their flocks in the middle of winter.¬†The actual date of Christ’s birth should have no impact whatsoever on your beliefs. Neither should the below very interesting facts. […]


2 Nov

We have no power or internet after Hurricane Sandy. But in my office, I am able to connect to the internet via my T-mobile Samsung Galaxy II. Here are instructions: Go to settings Choose Wireless and Network Scroll down to find Tethering and portable hotspot Click on portable Wi-fi hotspot setting Click on the configure […]

Finally launched new haneedesigns site

9 Jun

Pablo and I have a design company called Hanee Designs. We generally do not do any marketing as all of our work comes via word of mouth and we have more than we can handle. But blogging for the family has been so much fun that I decided that I need to blog for the […]

San Nakji – Sik Gaek

19 Oct

I have watched Koreans eating live octopus on TV a couple of times. A couple of months ago, we watch Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit a place in Flushing Queens where the prepare live octopus several ways. We knew we had to try it! We went with friends Julie and Dave (and the kids) and […]

New website

5 Jun

We just launched a new website this week. If you are looking for a contractor in New York city check out Kingdon Knowles. Kingdon built our custom office space and is a lovely person to work with. He specializes in kitchens and baths in Manhattan and Riverdale.

Moro reflex

21 Jan

I just learned something cool from Jocelyn’s blog. Babies have something called a Moro reflex. When a baby feel startles or like it is falling, it will fling out its arms and legs and make grasping motions with its hands. It turns out that the Moro reflex is a vestigial trait that we have from […]

Seaweed Soup (Miyuk gook)

7 Jan

Koreans take post partum recovery very seriously. You are supposed to protect yourself from the cold at all costs to avoid getting arthritis. And you are supposed to eat lots and lots of seaweed soup to help produce breastmilk. My mom made seaweed soup the day Mateo was born and brought it to the hospital. […]

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Merry Christmas to all! Its 10:30 am on Christmas Day and we haven’t had a baby yet! We are going to spend the day at home playing with our new Wii (a gift from uncle Dave) and watching our new flat screen TV (our Christmas gift to eachother). Matilda got a doll crib and new […]

Happy Birthday Pablo!

26 Nov

Happy Birthday to Pablo! I got him 4 cans of paint and some rollers and brushes!