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We did it!

25 Nov

We closed on our house today. We have a house! Yay!!!!!

Obama Wins!

5 Nov

Its hard to express how we are feeling this morning. We learned at 11pm last night (from John Stewart!) that Obama was declared the winner. We stayed up to watch McCain’s concession speech (thank god Sarah Palin was not given a chance to speak) and Obama’s inspiring acceptance speech. I think that McCain’s speech was […]

Pablo the Finisher!

3 Nov

Pablo completed the NYC Marathon yesterday on Nov 2 in 4:29:00. Matilda and I went to mile 22 to cheer him on in our TEAM AGÜERO shirts!. Here are some photos and a video. Pablo acabo la NYC Marathon ayer 2 de Noviembre en 4horas y 29 minutos you fui al kilometro 35 para darle […]

Track Pablo’s Run

27 Oct

At long last, its time for the NYC Marathon. Mark your calendars for Nov 2! For those of you who are interested in cheering, here is the map of the race. If you can’t come out, you can get status on Pablo’s run at the NYC Marathon Site. Pablo’s Bib # is 48251.

We got a car

16 Oct

In all the house and moving excitement, I forgot to blog about our new car! We leased a 2009 Toyota Camry. Its soooo pretty. And huge! The last car I owned was a tiny Honda Civic. This is quite the upgrade! Check out pics of our car and our new house to be!

We have an accepted offer

13 Oct

Here is a pic of our new home to be! We have an accepted offer and now we are waiting on an inspection, contract signing and mortgage closing. Yippee! The timing couldn’t be better because we had to leave our apartment in Manhattan in a rush. We called 311 to complain about the conditions we […]

Moving on to other houses

9 Oct

We didn’t get the house but we went out and saw more houses this week. We narrowed our choices down to two. One of them is a boring, smallish split level in a great neighborhood and a good school district. The other, is a ranch in poor condition that is an opportunity for us to […]


6 Oct

I haven’t heard anything yet about the house. I am feeling like they are not going to accept our offer. The search continues. Good news. My placenta moved out of the way, so I am back to having an uncomplicated pregnancy. Woo.

We found our house!

3 Oct

We looked at a lot of houses in the last couple of months. We drove all over White Plains, Mamaroneck, Rye, Tuckahoe, Eastchester, Bronxville, Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington and New Rochelle looking at capes, splits, ranches. We looked at houses large and small and were very depressed at what we found. Every house had something […]


18 Sep

This is wrong, on so many levels. The real Sarah Palin.. shown here shooting animals with her kids.